How Has This Criminal Barrister Leveraged A Big LinkedIn Following?

dsouzaLawyers using LinkedIn is one of the keys to building a successful practice and connecting with your clients, but look at how this criminal barrister is using the network.

You can see what LawFuel has written about for lawyers wanting to build their networks on LinkedIn, such as here.

Barrister Dominic D’Souza has over 3000 followers on LinkedIn and was treated with a degree of hyperbole by law blog LegalCheek who said he may be the “new king of LinkedIn”.  Well, not quite.

You can check the most popular on LinkedIn here where they note that it takes at least 36,000 1st degree connections to crack the top 10.

His posts though are both varied, self deprecating and quirky, all of which encourages people to follow him and his activities.


We particularly like this outside court selfie:


But he has also posted other more eclectic images of himself, such as the reference to his celebrating with a client, as below:



D’Souza is also a blogger, writing his  ‘D’Souza. THE criminal barrister


LegalCheek refer to some of the motivational quotes also used:


But it’s not as if he has stopped at LinkedIn.  D’Souza also has his own YouTube channel where he shows himself playing instruments and more.

For instance – how do you defend someone who’s guilty –

And how about piano playing –


  1. Dominic D’Souza should be Queen’s Counsel – an opinion I know to be shared by most solicitors who instruct him in serious cases. He has doubles had a colourful past which I am sure, like Carman QC, contributes massively to his jury advocacy and his profound understanding of the human condition. It would be an irony if this past, so mportamt to Mr D’Souza’s skill is somethmg that might mean he does not take silk.

  2. A couple of years on and Dominic D’Souza seems to have gone from strength to strength on LinkedIn. He has nearly 10,000 followers and is one of the most influential lawyers on the platform. His posts are read by an enormous number of LinkedIn members and it seems he has utilised the benefits of LinkedIn very successfully in marketing himself and expanding his practice base of instructing solicitors. I note he said some time ago that he was perplexed as to why more barristers and lawyers did not use LinkedIn as he felt it had such enormous potential for the legal sector. I wonder if lawyers have now followed his lead.

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