Hillary's Sidekick Lawyers Raise Funds Despite Gitmo Security Glitch 2

Hillary’s Sidekick Lawyers Raise Funds Despite Gitmo Security Glitch

Paul Weiss law firm has a long history with the Clintons and is now facing criticism from some corners for fundraising for Hillary Clinton and following a “serious breach of security” at Guantanamo Bay prison by distributing anti-American literature to detainees.

The accusations are leveled by the Washington Free Beacon where the firm’s links to the Clinton family and their extensive fund raising efforts for them are now in focus again with their “conversation with Hillary” fundraiser on November 19.

The cost for attending the event was a mere $2,700 a ticket and comes at a time when Gitmo issues are once again back in focus also.

There are renewed calls by the Obama administration to shutter the prison and transfer the remaining prisoners to the United States.

As the WFB reports:

Paul, Weiss lawyers have played key roles in facilitating the release of inmates accused of committing acts of terrorism.

The firm has been at the center of efforts to free Guantanamo inmates and in 2006 was responsible for causing a “serious breach of security” at the prison camp when it was caught sending Arabic-language literature that encouraged prisoners to claim they were being tortured, according to reports.

The 18-page brochure, produced by Amnesty International, reportedly “portrayed America and its allies as waging a campaign of torture against Muslims around the globe,” according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.

Majeed Abdullah al Joudi
Majeed Abdullah al Joudi

It was discovered in the cell of a former inmate, Majeed Abdullah Al Joudi, an accused al Qaeda member who was freed from the prison in 2007 and sent to Saudi Arabia.

Once security personnel at the prison discovered the brochure, Al Joudi claimed that his lawyer, Julia Tarver Mason, a Paul, Weiss partner, had sent it to him. An investigation determined that the brochure was passed to at least a dozen other inmates, constituting what the camp’s former commander, Jay Hood, called a “serious breach of security.”

The investigation further discovered that Mason had mailed the brochure to inmates using a privileged document categorization that prevents security personnel from screening the mail, a potential violation of a law that prohibits lawyers from providing clients with information pertaining to military operations and current events.

Paul Weiss lawyers were actually banned from Gitmo until they successfully sued and gained access once more.  Just at a time when the Obama administration would like to ensure no-one re-enters ever again.  Whether that occurs in the current climate of terror and ISIS activity remains to be seen.

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