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Best NYC In-House Law Department . . The Envelope, Please

So who has the best in-house law department in NYC?  The New York Law Journal has announced the winning inhouse departments for 2014 with a swanky dinner planned for March 10.

The “Outstanding Legal Department” winner, coming in with 160 attorneys, is . . . drums are rolling . . .  AIG!

Outstanding Legal Department
• AIG (160 attorneys)

Managing Outside Counsel
Banco Popular (small department, three attorneys)
• Suffolk County (government, large department, 76 attorneys)

Diversity and Quality of Life
• JP Morgan (large department, 400 attorneys)
• Interpublic (mid-size department, 25 attorneys)
New York State Thruway (government, small department, nine attorneys)

• Interpublic (mid-size department, 25 attorneys)

Pro Bono
• BNY Mellon (large department, 78 attorneys)

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