5 Key Italian Vacation Destination Alternatives To Crowded Capri


5 Key Italian Vacation Destination Alternatives To Crowded Capri 3For the tired holidaymaker, Italy and in particular Capri, have long been a crowd favorite.  But what are some Italy vacation alternatives to Capri and other such crowded holiday destinations?

But crowds and indeed hordes of tourists may be threatening Capri’s popularity for those seeking alternative Italian tourist destinations.

The tiny island of Capri, sitting in the Bay of Naples, attracts over two million tourists each year and has long been a favorite for everyone from Hollywood stars to other celebrities. Graham Greene and D H Lawrence used to go as a favorite destination.

But for the tired tourist, the vacationing lawyer or anyone else, do you really want to fight the crowds or are there other places in Italy that could provide a similar feel but without the crowd numbers.

As beautiful and attractive as Capri’s lure might be, it is time for many visitors seeking sun, beauty and the historic charm of Italy’s coastline, to visit some of the other coastal locations that offer attractions that are lesser known.

Capri is not alone in its beauty. However Capri faces a problem that is similar to Venice, Dubrovnik, Santorini and the Cinque Terre coast of northern Italy. They are all magnificent, beautiful and attractive vacation spots, but they have also become so successful that they are themselves threatened by their own success.

So are there some alternatives to Capri’s location and for those seeking the best alternatives to the Capri’s crowds, then think about these alternatives for a perfect Italian vacation.

Some ‘Capri alternatives’ include –

Marina de Pisciotta, Campania.

A beautiful small town in the southern Italian coast, sitting atop a hill with narrow streets and lovely houses and piazzas creating all the ambience you might like on an Italian holiday.

Portovenere, Liguria5 Key Italian Vacation Destination Alternatives To Crowded Capri 4

The lovely Cinque Terre coastal villages are already well known but Portovenere is a less crowded option to the five Cinque Terre villages, as are other alternatives like Sestri Levante, Tellaro and others.


Ravello, Amalfi Coast5 Key Italian Vacation Destination Alternatives To Crowded Capri 5

The Amalfi Coast is already well known for Positano and Amalfi but Ravello (right)  is often missed,  in part because of its hilltop location. It is a lovely, peaceful town that is largely free of traffic with terraces and pergolas marking beautiful gardens and spectacular views.

Gargano, Puglia

On the heel of Italy, Gargano is another superb place that displays lengthy sandy beaches, pine forests and summer temperatures that are dimmed by welcome breezes coming from the surrounding sea. A terrific alternative.

Try Something Different

Italy’s boundless beauty provides endless opportunities for exploration of towns and villages about the coast, including Sicily and Sardinia and elsewhere, which means that while Capri’s beauty and fame will doubtless remain undiminished.

The ability to enjoy Italy’s charms without the pressing crowds from elsewhere in Europe should be one of the key priorities for your next Italy vacation destination.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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