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Success Secrets For Lawyer Bloggers

Success Secrets For Lawyer Bloggers 4

Law blogging has consistently been shown to be one of the best ways for lawyers to increase their Google rankings – with the ability to increase social media engagement, part of Google’s Holy Grail of high ranking.

Plus – of course – blogging also increases your authority as an authority and shows that you are able to increase engagement with existing and potential clients.

Hubspot for instance has shown that blogs can generate up to 67 per cent more leads than companies who don’t blog.

Orbit Studios have produced an infographic that demonstrates the keys towards making your law blog better and more ‘client receptive’.

The Orbit Media infographic confirms something LawFuel has consistently stated for lawyers too – such as writing longer and more thoughtful posts that will help garner more long tail keywords and generate key, niche traffic for your firm.

Plus, you need to blog consistently to maintain your ‘edge’ and generate greater engagement with your audience.

Check the graphic:


  1. Such interesting info, especially the fact that blog lengths (and the time spent writing them) are increasing substantially. Obviously, this greater presence directly affects SEO efforts in a positive way. If you put in the time, you are most certainly rewarded for it.

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