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Obsession Phrases and Dating: The George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin Dates

Obsession Phrases – Was it one of these that lawyer Amal Alamuddin used to snare George Clooney?  The rumors of just how the bright barrister managed to wed one of the world’s most desirable men has had people wondering – was it one of the internet’s “obsessive phrases” techniques, some relationship secret?  What?

The wedding of the two has been a 2014 social highlight, there is no question, but just how she did it is something that came down to at least one technique used by many women successful in snagging the man they want – she played hard to get.

Reportedly Ms Alamuddin twice turned down George Clooney, 52, when he asked her for a date.  She refused to let him sweep her off her feet as so many women may have done.

There was, of course, the political and human rights activism that bound the two as well, but there were also some womanly dating tips that any woman seeking to find the man she wants would need to employ.

 The Obsessive Phrases product is a digital product designed to help women attract men, almost irresistibly to them.  And using these “irresistible phrases” is one of the techniques that some have mentioned was a key part of Ms Alamuddin’s arsenal when it came to dating George Clooney.
The product itself, which his providing successful online as a digital downloadable product, promises women how they can use bizarre and unusual phrases that will make “any man burn with curiosity and attraction for you”.
Many are disdainful of such products and understandably so.  However, there is strong uptake for the psychologically-driven phrases used in the course that many swear by.
Of course, whether this was was Amal Alamuddin would have done is another question, as the dating success was attributable to a range of skills used by both parties in the relationship.

 She did, however, play hard to get.

“Clooney asked her out for dinner and she put him off twice, saying she was too busy, before accepting the third time,” a source explained to Dailymail. “She was operating on the lines of ‘treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen.’”

George escorted her to the White House for a private screening of his latest movie,The Monuments Men, in February 2014. However, the duo was not alone — side-by-side with George and Amal were his parents Nick and Nina Clooney.

Amal & George: The Secret Way She His Heart

One of the biggest outings the couple has gone on was a safari in Tanzania just last month in March. Right after that they were reportedly spotted in New York for a romantic stay at the Carlyle Hotel.

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