Selfie Sex Judge Loses Job

sex judge loses job

A Michigan judge has lost his job after texting a picture of his bare chest to a bailiff and having sex in his chambers with a witness in a child support case .

Wayne County Circuit Judge4 Wade McCree was removed after having the affair and, if re-elected the Michigan Supreme Court ruled he would be suspended for the entire six year term.

The Detroit Free Press report that the ruling, which also assesses McCree with nearly $12,000 in costs, matches the recommendation of the Judicial Tenure Commission.

“We agree with the JTC that (the) respondent’s misconduct was prejudicial to the actual administration of justice,” the court said.

“Indeed, there is not much, if anything, that is more prejudicial to the actual administration of justice than having a sexual relationship with a complaining witness without recusing oneself, engaging in ex parte communications with this mistress/complaining witness, attempting to use the prosecutor’s office as leverage against this now ex-mistress by concocting charges of stalking and extortion against her, and then lying under oath about these matters.”

Brian Einhorn, McCree’s attorney,  had argued that the court should not take the unusual step of removing McCree from the bench for an entire six-year term if he’s re-elected. He  said late Wednesday that he had not yet received a copy of the ruling and was unhappy that the news media received it before he and McCree did.

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