When a Brave and Abused Lawyer Stood Up to Larry Nassar

When a Brave and Abused Lawyer Stood Up to Larry Nassar 2

When a Brave and Abused Lawyer Stood Up to Larry Nassar 3No amount of legal training could have prepared Rachael Denhhollander for what lay ahead in blowing the whistle on serial sex abuser Larry Nassar.

Ms Denhollander, an attorney in Louisville Kentucky, wrote in the NY Times about taking on the power of the US Olympic Committee and the cunning and predator expertise of Larry Nassar in his massive abuse ‘practice’.

Filing the first abuse allegation in 2016, which occurred when Ms Denhollander made her allegations of abuse when she was a 15 year old.

When a Brave and Abused Lawyer Stood Up to Larry Nassar 4In what she described as “the greatest sexual assault in sports history”, the ‘Jane Doe’ complainants had names attached and the scandalous abuse regime of Nassar was exposed.  But at great cost.

“I lost my church. I lost my greatest friends as a result of advocating for survivors who had been victimized by similar institutional failures in my own community.

“I lost every shred of privacy”.

Despite her legal background and her knowledge of process, she said she was totally unprepared for what was required to make her stand.

She was called an ambulance chaser seeking a personal payday and her intimate details were posted online.

The first step toward changing the culture that led to this atrocity is to hold enablers of abuse accountable. There is much that needs to be done legislatively, including extending or removing the statute of limitations on criminal and civil charges related to sexual assault, and strengthening mandatory reporting laws and ensuring truth in sentencing, so that dangerous offenders are not released early to damage more children.

Most important, we need to encourage and support those brave enough to speak out. Predators rely on community protection to silence victims and keep them in power, she wrote.

The questions have been asked and the Larry Nassar disgrace, along with Rachael Denhollander’s brave stand, may help highlight the legal, ethical, medical and social risks prevalent when people like Larry Nassar abuse their power.

When a Brave and Abused Lawyer Stood Up to Larry Nassar 5

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  1. RE: Racael Denhollander – standing up to raping doctors – I’m standing up to the proud, pagan, pedophiles in the vatican.

    The vatican ‘legalized’ pedophilia. I found the documented evidence. The Australian canon lawyers published two documents. The first is a legal report entitled “Canon Law – A Systemic Factor in Child Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church.” (free download from National Catholic Reporter) written for the Australian government. The second is the lay version “Potiphar’s Wife.” (buy on line for real money) . I verified the information with a friend of the author and the legal firm from the movie Spotlight

    May 27, 1917 was the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of ‘legal’ pedophilia in the Catholic Church; because that was the day that pedophilia became a “crime” with NO PUNISHMENT! DO NOT FORGET THAT THE VATICAN IS ITS OWN SEPARATE COUNTRY. On that day, the vatican decided that pedophilia wasn’t a crime IF NO ONE KNEW ABOUT IT. The law made secrecy about pedophilia paramount and all cases had to be handled directly by the vatican; which had no provisions for punishing them. The penalty for breaking the vow of silence was AUTOMATIC EXCOMMUNICATION.

    I was a 50 year plus Roman Catholic watching the pedophile crisis in horror, especially when the previous entity in possession of the vatican compared women who want to be priests to pedophiles. Then the PA bishops ordered all the priests to blatantly lie about PA Bill 1947 which extended the statute of limitations on pedophiles. I complained to my local priest; who handed out the “Catholic’ League’s Essay “Women’s Moral Descent” with its theme that men have the right and moral obligation to decide which women deserve to be raped. I called my daughter at college, crying, saying that all the priests were depraved perverts totally dedicated to worshipping their dicks. Her response, “Duh, Mom!. I’m sorry you had to figure it out in such a painful way

    From what I can tell, this campaign was led by Philadelphia Archbishop Chaput. – Archbishop Chaput is listed as a major supporter of Bill Donahue’s ‘Catholic’ League.- Bill Donahue’s opinion was the “the Bill had only ONE purpose – To Stick it to Catholics” – implying he believes pedophilia is right exclusive to Catholics. Bill Donahues is a believer in ‘Catholic astrology.’ Bill Donahue also published “Women’s Moral Descent” with the theme that men have the right and moral obligation to rape women. Archbishop Slap You has singlehandedly done the most to jeopardize Catholic Youth and their faith. He was just chosen to go to the vatican’s Youth Sin Nod. I am starting a petition to the US Catholic Bishops who chose him.


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