Defiant Dentons To Appeal ‘Wrong’ Jury Verdict

Defiant Dentons To Appeal 'Wrong' Jury Verdict 2
Defiant Dentons To Appeal 'Wrong' Jury Verdict 3

Global legal giant Dentons is defiant in the face of a $32 million jury verdict rendered by an Ohio jury and defends its Swiss verein structure that has helped the firm to achieve its enormous growth.

The size of the firm and the structure lead to the issue which involved an administrative judge at the US International Trade Commission making a disqualification order against Dentons in 2015 in relation to its client RevoLaze. At issue was the firm’s argument that the US branch of the firm was separate from its Canadian branch, which had represented Gap, a RevoLaze retailer who were sued for alleged patent infringement.

The disqualification resulted in litigation against the firm by RevoLaze in a case resulting in the Ohio judgment against the firm.

However, Dentons say the verdict was wrong and in a statement issued to LawFuel say they will appeal.

Dentons Statement

“We will appeal.  The verdict was simply wrong.  Just as our position was vindicated on appeal by the International Trade Commission, we will be vindicated on appeal in this matter.  Importantly, the jury was not asked to make any determination regarding our Firm’s structure or conflicts clearance process and its decision in no way undermines the ITC’s reversal of the improper initial disqualification. 

The Firm has a robust and sophisticated conflict clearing process that has enabled it to opens tens of thousands of matters every year without incident.  With regard to our former client RevoLaze, we assisted it in an enforcement action in the ITC which RevoLaze itself characterized at the time as a “complete success.”

We acted properly, ethically, and consistent with our duties to our clients at all times.”

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