Download Flappy Bird No More

download flappy bird

Flappy Bird was pulled from the iTunes App Store and Google Play because of issues other than the law, according to its creator Dong Nguyen

The difficult and massively popular game was the subject of some accusations that it copied other games and had legal issues, but that was denied by Nguyen, the Vietnamese creator of the game.

Flappy Bird is similar to Piou Piou while the pipes in the game bear are also similar to the plumbing images in Super Mario Bros.

Unlike other hugely successful game makers like Rovio Entertainment, which produced the Angry Birds game and has hundreds of programmers, Hanoi-based Dong made Flappy Bird by himself in a few nights, according to Twitter postings.

Whatever the Flappy Bird creator’s reasons, the game has attracted both massive media attention and massive downloads with some 50 million downloads being those attracted to date.

Time has run out for Flappy Bird downloads though.

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