Does F Lee Bailey Really Have The OJ Simpson Case Solved?

Does F Lee Bailey Really Have The OJ Simpson Case Solved?


Does F Lee Bailey Really Have The OJ Simpson Case Solved?Famed attorney F Lee Bailey, part of the original OJ Simpson murder trial ‘dream team’, is to provide a revealing, if not ‘explosive’ look at one of last century’s most compelling criminal trials.

OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder in the double murder trial of wife Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman.

Mr Bailey, 84, plans to have his book ram the truth about the case down the throat of the public.

“Never in my life have I been punished more for getting an acquittal,” Bailey said in a recent podcast.

Some cynics point to the possibility that Bailey is simply rehashing the OJ story to sell to a new generation of those crime-seekers and millenials who never give up on the notion of finding an answer to a major murder mystery.

Bailey isn’t interested in them, he says, and has no intention of writing a book simply for money.

But he is interested in reaching a new generation.

“My generation has their minds closed,” he said. “If Jesus came down and said, ‘O.J. is coming to my place because he didn’t do it,’ they’d probably throw him out.”

Does F Lee Bailey Really Have The OJ Simpson Case Solved?But what can he tell us that might turn the tables on the public perception about OJ Simpson?

Here are some key pointers –

1. Bailey is probably going to point the finger at “Colombian or Cuban assassins” who were hired to kill a friend of
Nicole’s for unpaid drug debts.  Nicole also allegedly had drug debts

2. The theory that OJ’s son Jason, whose mother was OJ’s first wife Marguerite, was the murderer, based upon his journals and the rage that evidently was exhibited by him, presumably towards the victims and others.  Those supporting this theory also point to Jason’s problems with emotional instability and depression

3.  House painter Glen Rogers who OJ had hired to have drug dealers leave Nicole alone, but which went wrong with the resultant murder of Nicole and Ron Goldman.

4. Multiple killers, a theory put forward during OJ’s defence and which may tie-in with point 1 (above) relating to drug debts.  It also ties in with references made by the defence and OJ Simpson in his book “I Did It” about his ‘friend’ Charlie, who has never been properly identified.

Whatever the theories, F Lee Bailey’s book will doubtless awaken a new generation to the last generation’s great unsolved double murder, which transfixed America and remains a key, unresolved crime story.

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  1. Is anyone really paying attention to what he has to say anymore? This is just one more dagger in his credibility. I think we all agree O.J. did it, which he pretty much told us in that book.

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