Gawker’s Answer to the Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Lawsuit – And What This Had to Do With Donald Trump

Gawker's Answer to the Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Lawsuit - And What This Had to Do With Donald Trump 2

Hulk Hogan has had to wrestle with many people in his career – but now he’s tangling with Gawker publisher Nick Denton over his $100 million lawsuit and Denton is having none of it.

But the reason the Defendant is strongly opposed to the lawsuit from the 62-year-old former wrestler

Nick Denton
Nick Denton and celebrity TV identity is to do with the First Amendment and Holocaust, not the fact that he has $100 million in the bank ready to give to The Hulk.

Gawker’s lawyer, Michael Berry, explained to the Court that Denton had grown up with parents who saw first hand what happens when speech is suppressed.

Now, we’re not exactly talking “speech” in Hogan’s sex-with-my-former-best-friend’s-wife here.

We’re talking however First Amendment and Denton is having to reel in his parents’ escape from the Holocaust and the Soviets to explain his commitment to the constitutional principles.

Denton’s mother was a Hungarian Jew ‘who survived the Nazis’ and then escaped Soviet occupation by fleeing to England at the age of 18.

‘Mr. Denton grew up with parents who’ve seen first-hand what happens when speech is suppressed,’ Berry said.

‘He wants the public to have the simple, unvarnished truth … the unvarnished truth about public figures.’

Heather & Bubba
Heather & Bubba

 In 2006, following a messy divorce, Hogan had sex with the wife of his then-best friend, shock jock Bubba The Love Sponge Clem, Heather. Hogan’s lawyers said there were three sexual encounters; at least one of them was captured on video, apparently recorded by Bubba himself.

Hogan says he didn’t know he was being videoed. There is no clear indication of who actually leadked the video, although some police reports claim it was a disgruntled producer on Bubba Clem’s radio show.

An attorney for Hogan told jurors that Gawker ‘crossed the line’ when posting the video, describing  Nick Denton and his reporter as reckless and profit-hungry.  Their evidence is that no ads attached to the tape and that no money was made.

Just how the Hulk pans out with his trial and the various tales of sexual proclivity, penis size and other such issues that can only do one thing for America at this time – remove a modicum of attention from Donald Trump and HIS penis size to someone else.

Just saying . .

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