How We Prepare the LawFuel Power List

How We Prepare the LawFuel Power List
How We Prepare the LawFuel Power List

The third edition of the LawFuel Power List has had more contributions from lawyers, as well as more research than ever. With 50 – actually 51 members with two Listers coming in at 8th equal – the List is something that involves substantial weighing of the factors that comprise it.

It is, says LawFuel Publisher John Bowie, more than the sum of its parts.

The parts comprise a consideration of those factors that make up ‘power’, a loaded term to be sure.

To dissect the lawyers-of-influence LawFuel has called upon a panel of active practitioners – Queens’ Counsel, In-House Counsel, Barristers, Partners and Sole Practitioners – to provide their analysis of those who should ‘make’ the List.

Among those considered by the LawFuel panel include –

>> Influence over the past year, such as Law Society president Kathryn Beck.

>> Overall influence on a career-wide basis, including veteran lawyers like Sir Geoffrey Palmer QC or Dr Mark Henaghan and those who have more recently assumed power like Jonathan Woodham, or Tiana Epati.

>> The ability to affect the practice of law or its implementation, such as role models like Pip Greenwood and those who have emerged more recently like PDS Director Peter Hutchinson.

The List has altered somewhat with the introduction of our most powerful lawyer, Attorney General David Parker. Whilst we have a general policy to ignore both jurists and politicians, someone with David Parker’s influence upon the profession is such that we decided we could not ignore his influence.

The same could – and indeed should – have also applied to former Attorney General Chris Finlayson QC who has nonetheless entered the upper echelons of the List. That is the nature of list-making. We have moving targets and a moveable feast.

Of note, this year, has been the increased importance of our ‘role model’ lawyers like Stacey Shortall, Deborah Chambers QC, Pip Greenwood, Mariam Dean and Cathy Quinn, all highly accomplished in their chosen areas of specialty, but also professionals who have served to assist and encourage others in one of the profession’s most difficult years.

We encourage your feedback and views as the list’s readership, growing substantially year-on-year, creates room to dissect and discuss those lawyers who have the greatest impact upon both the profession and the way the law is implemented.

How We Prepare the LawFuel Power List

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