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Florida Immigration Law – If you are thinking of moving to the United States, are here on a visa that may expire at some point or have any other immigration issue, those seeking a successful solution may attempt to handle things on their own, but an immigration attorney will generally be necessary.

However, if you are considering going at it on your own, you should think for a minute whether you may end up creating a problem that will cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees or, worse than that, a problem that cannot be fixed at any cost and which could prevent you from entering the United States ever again.

Remember there are a variety of often complex issues at play.

For instance, the  H-1B has several levels and criteria that qualify you in various ways, some of which fall under the quota system, and others do not.  

It’s very important that you and your employer work very closely together to determine the requirements, and the timing, as there are deadlines for some H-1Bs, and for others, it may be better to apply at a different time of year when it’s not competing for attention with those satisfying the deadlines.

These sort of issues are best dealt with together with an experienced attorney

Scheduling an initial consultation with an immigration lawyer will help you get your most pressing questions answered and provide you with the understanding of the roads that are available for you to walk down on. This way you can get peace of mind and know you are making the right decisions towards your desired immigration goal.

How Do You Prepare For A Consultation With An Immigration Lawyer?

No matter how much experience an immigration lawyer has, it is impossible for them to fully advise you without some basic information about you and your case. That is why it works in your favor to prepare before having the first interview.

Here are some ideas:

Write down all pertinent facts

Include information such as what visas you have had, how much time you have been in the United States, your initial date of entry, what family members are with you that also need immigration help, and whatever else you think may help your case.

If you are planning on applying for asylum, write down the facts that prevent you from remaining in your home country.

Bring copies of all immigration-related documents

Include all visa applications you have completed as well as copies of all official documents. Birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, and all official paperwork you have received.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Immigration Lawyer?

There are probably a million questions swirling around in your head, but you need to take advantage of this session with your immigration lawyer to ask the most pertinent questions on your case. Start by asking:

  • How long have you been doing immigration work?
  • How much experience have you had with cases like this one?
  • What options are open to me?
  • What are my chances of success?
  • What are my risks going forward?
  • How long will it most likely take to finish my case?
  • How much do you charge? Do you work on contingency?

Other Considerations

While preparing for your initial consultation, you should also keep in mind other issues such as:

  • Planning for childcare so that you are free to concentrate on the matter at hand
  • Arranging to have someone that understands your native language present at the meeting if you feel you may miss some of the attorney’s explanations
  • Knowing beforehand whether this initial consultation carries any cost so that you can bring a check or credit card to pay with

Talk To An Immigration Lawyer

Work with a trusted immigration lawyer that will help you understand the U.S. immigration process, resolve your immigration issues and get your legal status resolved.

Florida Immigration Counsel

The Florida Immigration Law Counsel can schedule your initial consultation and case review.

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