Jail Time For Former Dentons Associate After His Blackmail Plan

Jail Time For Former Dentons Associate After His Blackmail Plan 2

Jail Time For Former Dentons Associate After His Blackmail Plan 3Fired Dentons Associate Michael Potere’s interesting career took another turn this week with his sentencing on charges of attempting to extort his former employer under threat of releasing highly sensitive information he had downloaded from the email account of the firm’s LA managing director’s account.

Not the best of plans, you may think and both the firm and the sentencing Judge thought so also.

We reported on the bizarre career-ending move by Potere last year.

Among the information to be released was details of the firm’s financial reports, its associate reviews and a claim for $210,000 and an expensive piece of artwork.

The extortion charges added up to a 22 year prison stretch for the young Potere.

Jail Time For Former Dentons Associate After His Blackmail Plan 4

Potere’s prosecutors had sought only a three-month prison sentence but the Judge, US District Court Judge John Walter thought there should be a “meaningful punishment” and handed down a five-month term, with one year of supervised release.

As reported by Law360:

At an hourlong sentencing hearing Monday morning, U.S. District Judge John Walter said that while Potere does have a history of anxiety and depression, his conduct appeared to be carefully thought out and stem from anger management issues. The judge also said of Potere’s 13-page letter to the court describing his state of mind at the time of the criminal acts that he found Potere’s attempts at justification “arrogant” and even delusional.

“He should’ve realized there would be consequences,” Judge Walter said.

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  1. I just heard about this case. I knew the guy! I will be perfectly honest, I laughed HYSTERICALLY upon finding this out and immediately sought as many articles as I could cram into an afternoon. I met Potere in an improv class, of all places, and found him to be a reprehensible human being. What a wise Judge–labeling him “Arrogant” and “Delusional.” Michael was most certainly that. Not to mention a self-aggrandizing blowhard that was an utter creep around women; a destructive attention-seeker that actively worked to dismantle ANYONE that he perceived to be a threat to his self-imposed “status.” Upon seeing photos of his first day out of prison, it was beyond clear that this jackass had learned nothing from the experience. He probably still fancies himself the “David” in this “Goliath” scenario.

    Girls, don’t go anywhere near this clown.

    Karma’s a B—-, Mike. Thanks for the laugh today. Idiot.

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