Justin Bieber’s Egging Sentence Hobbled

Justin Bieber's Egging Sentence Hobbled

So how is poster Justin Bieber faring with his various legal issues, including his “egging” vandalism case? Were you wondering?

Probably not, but for those who were Bieber’s attempts to complete his sentence have tripped up over an ankle injury he sustained during a soccer game, which delaye for owhich he

An ankle injury has tripped up Justin Bieber‘s attempts to complete the terms of his sentence in a vandalism case filed after he threw eggs at his neighbor’s house last year.

Probation officials wrote in a report filed Tuesday that Bieber cited a severe ankle sprain he suffered during a soccer game as the reason he couldn’t complete five days of community labor as planned in early January. Bieber provided a chiropractor’s report stating he was ordered to stay off his feet for a week in early January.

Bieber’s attorney Shawn Holley told a judge on Tuesday she expected the singer to complete community labor and anger management counseling — the remaining terms of his sentence — by his next court date on May 11.

The Grammy-nominated singer also cited time in the recording studio and the taping of several television programs as reasons for why he hadn’t completed his sentence as planned, the report states.

Superior Court Judge Leland B. Harris said the report was favorable to the singer and followed the recommendation of probation officials to give Bieber more time to comply with the sentence.

Bieber, 20, remains on probation after he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor vandalism in July.

He was ordered to complete five days of community service, attend 12 anger management sessions, and pay $80,900 to repair damage to his neighbor’s home. He has paid the restitution and completed nine anger management sessions, according to the probation report.

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