Kim Dotcom Goes on Attack – Again

kim dotcom

He’s the target of US extradition and the subject of lawsuits from movie producers and recording companies, now Kiwi-based Kim Dotcom has offered a $5 million bounty for anyone who can establish corruption by the US or New Zealand governments as he faces his extradition trial.

Dotcom has made as big a name for himself in his adopted homeland as he has made his presence felt in the entertainment business. But he is now once again going on the attack with a “bounty” for anyone who can help him establish corrupt practices by government agencies.

His civil battles against music and movie rights holders, including the Motion Picture Association of America and the Recording Industry Association of America, but his extradition trial is to commence next month in New Zealand. And, conforming to his entrepreneurial and ‘out of the box’ thinking, he’s offering a bounty to anyone who can help him prove unlawful or corrupt practices by the US or New Zealand governments, their spy agencies, Hollywood and anyone else who can beat his enemies.

Dotcom, now a political figure of note with his alliance with the Mana Party in the forthcoming election, is set on destroying the current New Zealand government and winning his multi-faceted legal battles.

Wired website reports that his legal team is working on how exactly the bounty might work, but that he could offer money to someone who provided useful information that wasn’t necessarily case-winning in and of itself. Dotcom promises to protect whistleblowers with legal support and anonymity, and suggests they use the SecureDrop tool developed by the Guardian to share any information they may have.

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