Kim Kardashian, Attorney-at-Law? We Don’t Think So

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Kim Kardashian, Attorney-at-Law? We Don't Think So

The stories of Kim Kardashian going to law school have been doing the rounds, including in our previous post on the matter.

But is she actually going to law school, as husband Kanye West hinted in an interview last weekend?  Or not?

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Her efforts to raise awareness about prison reform have been has been using her platform to raise awareness on prison reform in the past year, but is she fully pursuing a career in law? The reality TV star and beauty mogul was rumored to be attending law school after her husband, Kanye West, seemed to drop a hint in an interview last weekend.

When asked about his wife’s involvement in prison reform, West told Extra (per Us Weekly), “I love it, I love it. That’s all we focus on, helping people that don’t have a voice, breaking down the class systems. There’s two million African Americans incarcerated now… We’re going to get people out, period.”

Then he added, “My wife is in law school now, and it’s extremely serious to us.”

But all is not what it seems, particularly with the Kardashians, it would appear.  A Kardashian rep explained to Extra that the star isn’t actually in law school, but that she “is so entrenched in the legal system with her activism that it is like going to law school.


She did visit President Trump in the White House to request the release of Alice Marie Johnson, who was sentenced to life in prison for a nonviolent, drug-related crime and – Lo! . .  about a week later, Trump granted Johnson clemency.

She is also working to free Chris Young, a young man who received a life sentence without parole after being arrested for marijuana and cocaine possession in 2010.

Kardashian is of course the daughter of the well known lawyer and businessman Robert Kardashian, the great good friend of OJ Simpson and a member of the OJ Trial “Dream Team”.

Great meeting with @KimKardashian today, talked about prison reform and sentencing.— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 30, 2018

Last week, Kim visited the White House again to meet with officials and discuss prison reform. This time, 

Kardashian later tweeted that she “couldn’t stop” at only helping one unfairly incarcerated person be freed from prison. “It’s time for REAL systemic change,” she wrote.

So it really IS like going to law school, only being a celebrity talking about law.

Kim Kardashian, Attorney-at-Law? We Don't Think So

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