Gaining the IT Edge: How Law Firms Can Embrace Tech Trends

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3 Key Law Firm Tech Solutions

Tom Boman* If you run a law firm, you will probably know the challenges of tech adoption. Technology isn’t your core service, so you may not feel the need for it in the first place. Additionally, your team may not be ready to buy into innovation. The legal field has been slow in tech adoption, which is another reason you may not feel motivated to modernize.

A study by Bloomberg Law states that the lack of tech-savvy users is the biggest reason for legal firms lagging behind on the technology front.

Other reasons include low familiarity with available technologies, time constraints, and the absence of a well-defined IT strategy. Should these reasons stop you from gaining a winning edge in the industry?

Of course, they shouldn’t stand in the way. 

The domain will likely witness a tech disruption before you imagine. According to a Gartner report, legal technology budgets will rise to thrice the 2020 levels by 2025. Failing to keep pace with the trend means you may miss out on clients and business. Conversely, early adoption can set you up for success with a competitive advantage.

Law firms must take a strategic approach to technology adoption to stay ahead of the latest tech trends. Here are a few tips to get the IT edge:

Collaborate with a Reliable Managed IT Partner

Legal tech is transforming the industry, with 70 percent of law firms considering it to improve efficiency and productivity. But not all firms have enough capital to invest in expensive infrastructure or hire a team of IT experts.  Innovation isn’t out of reach if you lack enough funds and resources to embrace it.

Small businesses and small law firms can achieve IT benefits on small budgets by implementing cost-effective solutions and choosing an IT partner who understand their needs and budget.

Applications like cloud computing, open-source software, and outsourcing IT services will all assist in achieving outcomes that are budget-friendly.

According to a Smartsheet article, a well-considered budget can help small businesses anticipate challenges, achieve and track financial targets, and secure investment opportunities. A Forbes article suggests that small businesses can use incremental budgets, zero-based budgets, or value proposition budgets to manage their finances effectively.

By prioritizing IT investments and using cost-effective solutions, small law firms can achieve IT benefits without breaking the bank.

The option of managed IT for law firms is good enough to embark on the innovation journey.

According to Triio, law firms can rely on the managed IT collaboration model to boost workflow and enhance the customer experience. The best part is that bringing the latest technology on board doesn’t cost a fortune with this model. Not to mention, the partnership helps law firms to lower costs and minimize the risk of downtime.

Look for a reliable provider with niche-specific expertise and experience because they can help you with appropriate services and solutions.

A cultural fit is another factor to consider while collaborating with a managed IT partner. 

Build Internal Champions

A managed IT collaboration sets your law firm on the right track for innovation. At the same time, you need early adopters and innovators on your team to act as internal champions. These employees are willing to buy in new technologies early and set an example for others to follow suit. They address doubts and concerns regarding new tools and encourage peers to embrace them.

How do you pick the early adopters and innovators? Look for tech-savvy lawyers seeking ways to improve their productivity. They are eager to try new things and adapt to the evolving trends in the industry.

Consider investing in the training and development of these resources, as they can pave the way for innovation within the organization. Incentivize these employees for going the extra mile with tech adoption and showing the way to others. 

Have a Strategic Plan for Innovation

Innovation does not happen overnight. The road is even more challenging for traditional organizations like law firms. The ever-evolving tech trends add to the complexity of the initiative. A strategic plan helps ease the process and ensure success. Start by setting aside a realistic budget for the move. Create a roadmap with short- and long-term goals and milestones.

The next step of a strategic plan is to prepare a wishlist of tools and solutions for your law firm.

According to a Legal Executive Institute report, 81 percent of law firms have invested in some type of legal technology solutions, such as document automation tools or case management software.

You may adopt the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and Analytics down the road.

Decide on an optimal pace according to your needs and budgets because going too fast can do more harm than good. Your managed IT partner can guide you in this context. Also, remember that law firm innovation is not a set-and-forget thing. You must commit to continuous improvement to stay in the race. 

Summing Up

Staying ahead of the latest legal tech trends isn’t about a hefty investment in hardware, software, and skilled human resources. You can take an easier route by collaborating with a reliable managed IT provider in the first place. 

Build internal champions to foster innovation and encourage employee buy-in. Most importantly, adopt a strategic approach to roll-out, implementation, and continuous improvement in legal tech to set your law firm apart. 

Source: Triio, an IT consulting firm based in San Francisco.

Tom Boman writes on legal and law career affairs and has been published in online sites for the past five years. His last article for LawFuel was ‘Ted Lasso’s Top 7 Tips for Succeeding in a Career’. He may be reached at

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