Giving The Finger . . To Your Law Professor

Giving The Finger . . To Your Law Professor

Oops . . giving the finger to your law professor is not exactly the best way to improve your grades.

RonNell Anderson Jones teaches at BYU Law School and happened to encounter an angry motorist on the way to class, tweeting . .

I wonder if the driver who honked and made the rude gesture when the light changed at the intersection was as surprised as I was to discover that we were both headed to the law school for a class that he attends and I teach.

Her bio describes Professor Jones as a former newspaper reporter and editor, who researches legal issues affecting the press and the intersection between media and the courts. A regular speaker at media law and First Amendment conferences, she served as the director of the 2007 Media Subpoena Study, a nationwide study of the frequency and impact of subpoenas served upon newspapers and television newsrooms.

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