Lawsuit Funding Company Expect Large Police Brutality &

Lawsuit Funding Company Expect Large Police Brutality & – Legal-Bay LLC, The Lawsuit Settlement Funding Company, announced today that they believe 2014 could produce the largest payouts ever against New York for various lawsuits of wrongful imprisonment, wrongful arrest, prosecutorial misconduct, and police brutality.   The New York Daily News highlighted a shocking article of lawsuits and settlements of some of New York’s Police Officers; including that in 2012 New York was subject to over 9500 lawsuits – a record high.  One particular detective, Peter Valentin, was the subject of 28 suits himself for various raids and illegal searches and seizures.

The Daily News also reported that New York City settled with wrongfully convicted and framed victim, David Ranta for $6MM.  Ranta was wrongfully imprisoned for 23 years.  The settlement averages $287,000 for each year in prison.

Legal-Bay has been a leader in lawsuit funding for civil rights cases, including police brutality and wrongful imprisonment.  They have seen a significant rise in lawsuit cash advance applications involving plaintiffs in NY.  CEO Chris Janish, commented on the Daily News Article, “The Daily News Article brought to light what most common citizens do not realize; and that is New York is by a far margin the most sued state in the country when it comes to police and prosecutorial misconduct.

We have been extremely supportive of victims of these cases and strive to assist victims who have been the subject of egregious acts by the law enforcement officials that are expected to protect them.”  To learn more about Legal-Bay’s wrongful imprisonment and police brutality lawsuit pre-settlement funding log onto:

Legal-Bay has been an advocate for assisting innocent project victims from all over the country who have been wrongly convicted and need a lawsuit cash advance prior to their case ever being settled.  Many victims upon release have nowhere to live and no funds to get back on their feet; that is where Legal-Bay is able to assist them.  The company does not require any credit checks, upfront fees, or monthly payments if you are approved for a pre-settlement advance.  (Not be considered a lawsuit loan or settlement loans).  And the case cash advance is risk free, so the plaintiff only has to repay the funds if they are successful in winning the case.

If you or a loved one has been wrongly convicted, wrongful imprisoned, victim of police brutality, or have a civil rights claim of discrimination or illegal search and seizure and need lawsuit settlement funding; you may apply online at: or by calling Legal-Bay’s toll free hotline at: 877.571.0405 where live agents are available to answer any of your questions.

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