The Lawyer Who Dumped Constitutional Law for Highly Paid ‘Courtesan’ Career


brazil_lawyerThe lawyer you’re doubtless looking at is not your usual constitutional lawyer.  Indeed Claudia de Marchi, 34, is no longer a constitutional lawyer, having changing her law job for a brand new one that earns her more and counters the pervasive male domination of the law profession:  She’s a paid ‘courtesan’.

de Marchi, who writes her own blog and enjoyed a successful legal career before switching to her high-paid prostitution work is not one to hide behind phony trade names.  As a feminist and careerist she celebrates her new found liberation from what she calls the ‘male flaws’ that she used to tolerate in the law.

She practiced constitutional law for 11 years, specialising in the interpretation of Brazil’s complex constitution after completing post-graduate studies and also lecturing in the subject.

But it wasn’t enough.  And as the Daily Mail reports, she grew tired of a number of things about her legal career, not the least being the male domination.

‘From the beginning, I found that the legal world is very macho, with men relying on their daddies to help them up the ladder. Neither my father or my mother are lawyers, so I had to get on on my own. But with the passage of time, I became more unhappy and frustrated.’

The Lawyer Who Dumped Constitutional Law for Highly Paid 'Courtesan' Career
Claudia had worked at a high-powered firm and for the Unic Sorriso university before she became a prostitute

While still a lawyer, Claudia shared pictures of a very different life. While she looked glamorous, her photos were about life as a lecturer and working with students rather than her new career sees her featuring a new life also – and one that provides both a higher income and more freedom than she experienced previously.

Far from being private about her profession, Claudia runs a tell-all blog that gets 8,000 hits every day and uses her real name. She also shares pictures of her life

Far from being private about her profession, Claudia explains what she does and her views on everything from violence towards women to political and related issues.

Claudia moved to Brazil's capital when she decided to give up her job in law, and her mother ended up moving closer too, to support the career

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