Michael Beloff, QC – ‘Mr Influence’

Michael Beloff, QC - 'Mr Influence' 2

Any lawyer who has been profiled under the headline ‘Is this the most influencial man in Britain?’ (‘Sunday Telegraph’, 12 March 2000) has to have at least some influence in the UK legal landscape and Michael Beloff has.

As a sports, public law and commercial law advocate and lecturer, Beloff has held significant judicial, tribunal and arbitral posts, as well as having served as president of Oxford University’s Trinity College. He has been recognized as a formidable legal opponent in many areas, not the least being the substantial niche he has carved as one of the country’s leading sports lawyers – if not the single dominant sports lawyer in Britain.

He has appeared in international courts and arbitrations and chaired various commissions and committees, including acting as Ethics Commissioner for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.