Rob Moodie – ‘Dressing Up In Order To Dress Down The Kiwi Judiciary’

Rob Moodie - 'Dressing Up In Order To Dress Down The Kiwi Judiciary' 2

Well, who wouldn’t be a star lawyer who employs sartorial tactics to make a very sharp point about the male-dominated judiciary – and at the same time successfully take on government adversaries with well-made legal points?

What other lawyer would dress as a woman to convey his ‘feminine side’, yet outwardly display all the mustachioed, macho characteristics of the kiwi male? Dr Rob Moodie, that’s who. The feisty farmer-turned lecturer-turned farmer again-turned advocate has stirred the public’s imagination before with his unusual ‘dress’ sense, but this time it’s to make a sharp point: to illustrate the allegedly old boys network making up the New Zealand judiciary.

Notwithstanding the existence of a woman Prime Minister, a just retired woman Governor General (and Judge) a woman Speaker of the House (and lawyer) and a woman chief justice, Rob Moodie has continued to battle successfully on a number of legal fronts, successfully tackling the Police on a major employment matter and the Army on a matter that now sees him ‘dressing up’ in order to dress down the military on allegations of corruption.

Moodie may have a sense of humor, but he also displays a sharp legal mind and a healthy distaste for what he perceives to be injustice or bureaucratic bungling.