Michael Heron QC’s Online Arbitration Site Scores Firm Major Cost-Saving Win

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michael heron qcMichael Heron QC’s Complete Online Dispute Resolution (CODR) service completed what it believes is the first online arbitration in August, at a cost estimated to be 10 per cent of the cost of a court process.

And the system is about to use artificial intelligence to make dispute resolution even faster, says Michael Heron.

CODR was set up by the former Solicitor General in …. with the aim of producing faster and more accessible justice for users.

The completed arbitration, a relationship property dispute, took 95 working days at a cost of less than $10,000.

Writing on LinkedIn, Michael Heron said that the dispute was  determined by independent expert Suzanne Robertson QC (including an online conference of the parties). Each party had separate advice along the way.

Legal experts who work in this area estimate that the equivalent court process would take around 18 months and cost approximately $100,000.

CODR’s online system is suited to “modest” civil and commercial disputes where parties cannot afford large legal fees, but still want independent, fair and expert resolution.

‘Having worked in litigation for over 20 years, I believe technology can help give people better access to justice’.

And there’s a lot more to come. CODR is about to embark on its first steps into exploring the use of AI to augment the services of its experts and to enable faster and more efficient access to justice. “There is no doubt that in the future AI will enable complex disputes to be resolved in a fraction of the time it currently takes”.

The CODR platform permits users to access experts in different areas to resolve disputes, while also retaining lawyers but with the intention of streamlining the process and minimizing costs.

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