Weight Loss Destroyed & Court Case Won By Octavia Spencer

Weight Loss Destroyed & Court Case Won By Octavia Spencer

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Oscar-winning “Help” actress Octavia Spencer has won a court case for wrongful termination after a weight-loss firm closed a sponsorship deal with the Oscar-winning actor.

Spencer had sued Sensa Products this year after the company cancelled its contract with her and refused to pay the remaining $700,000 owed under its weight loss promotional deal terms.

Sensa is said to have taken umbrage at the actor’s use of the hashtag #spon to identify sponsored tweets from her account that mentioned its products, while she argued that she was not obliged to avoid such terminology.

She also successfully argued that she had posed for before and after photographs, and had allowed advertisements featuring her image to be placed in tabloid magazines.

Sensa Products, which is now insolvent, had argued that Spencer reneged on her contractual commitment to put out only pre-approved tweets and also failed to deliver before and after shots. The company was not represented at the final court hearing at the Los Angeles superior court. The Judge granted Spencer a default verdict and ordered Sensa to pay the actor $940,000.

“This was always about principle for our client, Ms Spencer. She was taken advantage of by a company that is no stranger to misrepresentations,” lawyer Bryan Freedman of Freedman & Taitelman, told The Hollywood Reporter. “I am very proud of Octavia’s will to fight.”

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