Injury Claims and Compensation for Car Accidents

Key Steps on Making An Injury Claim

Injury Claims and Compensation for Car Accidents


1800 Injured – After a car accident, you can file an insurance claim but that will not necessarily get you the money you need to recover.

Consider the key steps towards achieving a success in a personal injury claim.

1. What is a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury claim is a civil lawsuit against a negligent party. Although personal injury claims can involve slip and fall accidents, defective products, and trampoline accidents, they can also involve car accidents.

For a car accident to be a personal injury case, there needs to be an element of negligence. This is the main requirement of all personal injury claims. If there is no negligence on behalf of the other driver or another entity, you have no case.

Your claim could be against another driver. For instance, a driver who ignored a red light and slammed into you was negligent. They were also liable for the accident. You could file a personal injury claim against them.

But your claim might not be against another driver. It could be against another entity, such as a local government. This could be the case if they failed to provide proper signage of a sharp curve. Or, it could occur if they didn’t repair a pothole. If the lack of signage or lack of road repairs caused your accident, you could file a claim against them.

2. What Compensation Can You Receive?

If you file a claim, you can receive compensation for your troubles. This could be medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Consider the case in our area of operation, Fort Lauderdale. 

With an average resident income of $36,405, the typical Fort Lauderdale resident can’t afford the high medical bills that come with a car collision. Emergency medicine is expensive, as are doctor visits and medications. For a minor injury, you could have thousands of dollars in medical bills. Serious injuries cost even more. 

You only have a certain amount of sick time at work. Unfortunately, your car accident could use up all of your sick time. That would leave you forced to take unpaid days from work. As a result, your paychecks could suffer. This makes it even harder to take on more medical debt.

There’s a non-economic cost of your accident – pain and suffering. After all of your pain and suffering can result in emotional trauma. This can impact your life in several ways, and could severely decrease your quality of life. Fortunately, you may be able to recover money for this. 

3. Working Towards Compensation

If you’re not at fault for your accident, why should you struggle? The necessity to have an experienced personal injury attorney is a key part of the process to achieve the necessary compensation level and to ensure your claim is handled appropriately.

Consider some of the key points an attorney needs to deal with. 

If you have the grounds for a claim, they can get all of the evidence needed to support your case.  There will be a variety of key things to consider, including  witness testimony, medical bills, and photographic evidence.

Only after collecting the evidence in an appropriate and logical way can your attorney work towards getting you a settlement or taking on your case in court.

Not all attorneys are up for the task. Personal injury law involves a variety of attributes and legal skills that require any claimant or potential claimant to do their homework on receiving advice from an attorney with apprporiate expertise.

To improve your chances, you should work with an aggressive and experienced personal injury attorney once you have had the details of your case explained and you have felt appropriately confident in the level of expertise and experience offered.

An effective attorney will leave you feeling confident that you can pursue your claim successfully.

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Injury Claims and Compensation for Car Accidents

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