Ross Young

Ross Young 2

The mega-search engine’s man-on-the-ground in Wellington cannot be anything but powerful when Google continue to increase their own power via the lobbying handled by Ross Young.

The web giant’s footprint globally is massive already, but it is also expanding its investment and activities in New Zealand with increased engineering activities by setting up a software engineering business here.

The company currently has around 50 employees in sales and support roles, a newly-appointed Country Manager Caroline Rainsford and greater activity generally in this part of the world.

The relocation from California to New Zealand of the company’s senior vice president of cloud infrastructure, Urs Holzle has lead further credence to the belief that Google is more focused on the antipodes.

Also, with increased interest in privacy and cyber security, hate law issues and greater development of engineering work, the work of Ross Young provides a key cog in the massive Google wheel.

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