Rocking Rod’s Football Lawsuit

Rocking Rod's Football Lawsuit

Rocker Rod Stewart’s trademark football kicks into his adoring crowd has now drawn a lawsuit from an American fan who apparently suffered a broken nose and lasting pain when the 69 year old’s kick hit him in the face during a Caesar’s Palace performance.

The Independent reports that the lawsuit was filed this week, Mostafa Kashe suffered a broken nose and lasting pain when a ball kicked by the 69-year-old singer hit him in the face during a performance at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, causing injuries for which he is now seeking thousands of dollars in damages.

The unusual civil claim alleges that Stewart, a die-hard Celtic supporter who once tried out as a professional footballer before dedicating himself to music, was “negligent, careless, and/or reckless” in kicking balls “with sufficient force so as to potentially injure patrons” during a gig in the famous casino complex in October 2012.

Although the irony is likely to be lost on Mr Kashe, the signed balls are much sought after by Stewart’s legions of fans and regularly sell on internet auction sites for up to £400.

Mr Kashe, from California, and his wife were on holiday in Las Vegas when they attended the performance, one of several US venues played that year by one of Britain’s most popular and enduring musical exports.

The lawsuit claims that Mr Kashe was not expecting Stewart’s set-piece memorabilia give away and “sustained injuries to his face that required and continue to require medical attention”, including a “nasal cavity fracture”.

The document adds that the injuries “have caused and will continue to cause [Mr Kashe] physical and mental pain and suffering and cosmetic damages”, and should be remedied by damages in excess of $10,000 (£6,000).

A representative for the former Faces frontman did not respond last night to a request to comment on the case.

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