Russell McVeagh Partner Departure

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A Russell McVeagh partner has resigned following an ‘independent external” review by an investigator over alleged breach or breaches of the firm’s policies, which the partner denies having breached.

“A partner has recently resigned from the Russell McVeagh partnership. This followed the appointment of an independent external investigator to complete a thorough investigation into concerns raised that the partner had breached firm policies. The investigator found that the partner’s conduct did not breach any of the firm’s policies.

The Board, however, formed a view that the partner had not conducted themselves in line with its expectations of a Russell McVeagh partner and the partner decided to resign.

We have complied with all Law Society obligations. Due to our privacy obligations we are unable to comment further on this matter.”

The unnamed former partner told the NZ Herald in a statement that the review undertaken by the firm left the partner “exonerated but felt disheartened and disllusioned that the board formed a view at odds with the findings of their own independent process.

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