te reo Maori for Legal Profession: Handbook for the Law

te reo Maori for Legal Profession: Handbook for the Law 2
te reo Maori for Legal Profession: Handbook for the Law 3

Kia Kākano Rua te Ture: A te reo Māori Handbook for the Law

Celebrating the debut title by Alana Thomas and Corin Merrick for LexisNexis®

“Kia Kākano Rua te Ture is destined to become the go-to reo and tikanga guide for those working in the law.” Forward by:  The Honourable Justice Joe Williams, Ngāti Pūkenga, Waitaha and Tapuika

Debut authors and proactive advocates for te reo Māori Alana Thomas and Corin Merrick have written the first practical handbook of te reo Māori specifically for the legal profession: Kia Kākano Rua te Ture: A te reo Māori Handbook for the Law. Equipping legal practitioners, law students, government departments and the judiciary with the tools they need to take a step towards a more equitable justice system. 

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“The name of this book, ‘Kia Kākano Rua te Ture’, stems from our aspiration to see biculturalism in our legal system. We see te reo Māori as the waka (vehicle) which can take us to that destination. Normalising te reo Māori will not only benefit us as practitioners, but also have a positive impact on those around us.  The benefits of learning te reo Māori extend far beyond just learning new words, and into alternative ways of thinking and problem solving.” – Alana Thomas, Author & Lawyer, Kaupare

With a practical focus on Māori language and protocol to be used in different professional and Court settings, Kia Kākano Rua te Ture: A te reo Māori Handbook for the Law is a necessary foundation to help users not only expand their skill sets, but will also work to improve the legal access Māori have by ensuring they have an understanding of te reo Māori and Māori issues.

“I have seen a number of people announce their appearances in Court in te reo Māori and this has been incredibly exciting for me because I believe that there is a desire to come away from the monoculturalism that has dominated the legal world. Learning te reo Māori will provide lawyers with new tools for interpreting the law. I believe that the incorporation of te reo Māori and tikanga Māori into our practices will have a positive impact on our clients, especially in the Family Court and Youth Court.”  – Corin Merrick, Author & Barrister, Mānuka Chambers

“As a publisher my dream is to produce really great books that people want and need, and legal publishing is no exception to this. Students and practitioners need to have quality, reliable content at their fingertips to aid their success. Kia Kākano Rua te Ture is, I believe, a book that everyone with ties to the legal industry should own and use,” said JD Nodder, Texts Manager of LexisNexis New Zealand.

“Alana and Corin have created a book that is accessible and practical; a book that helps ease users into te reo and te ao Māori, to help them understand the importance of tikanga when working with Māori clients, and to improve their use of te reo Māori in written and verbal communication. 

There is a passion for te reo Māori in New Zealand and I hope that Kia Kākano Rua te Ture is one more way that more people can embrace and utilise reo Māori – not only in their legal professional lives, but in their everyday lives.

Toi te kupu, toi te mana, toi te whenua.”

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Format: Book | ISBN: 9780947514891

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About the Authors

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ALANA THOMAS is of Ngāti Rēhia and Ngāti Kuri descent and grew up in Whangārei where she attended Whangārei Girls High School. She lives in Auckland and is a proud mother of her two children, Maioha and Te Āiorangi. She is a lawyer at her own firm, Kaupare.  

After graduating from the University of Auckland in 2008, she has practised in several areas of law including Criminal Law, Family Law and Commercial Law, but the majority of her practice is now dedicated to progressing matters in the Māori Land Court, Māori Appellate Court and the Waitangi Tribunal.    

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CORIN MERRICK is a graduate of Kōhanga Reo and Kura Kaupapa Māori.  She is a Barrister at Mānuka Chambers in Manukau, Auckland.  She was admitted to the bar in 2008 and started her career working in one of New Zealand’s top law firms.  She is a Court Appointed Youth Advocate acting for young people in the Youth Court, Rangatahi Court and Pasifika Court.  She appears for parties on a wide range of matters in the Family Court. 

Corin is a past member of the Executive Committee of Te Hunga Rōia Māori, and a member of the Family Law Section.

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