From Wreckage to Justice: Discover the Best Auto Accident Law Firm for Your Case

how to choose the best auto accident law firm

Ben Boman* Car accidents can be extremely damaging, resulting in injuries, property damage, emotional distress, and even fatalities. Dealing with the aftermath of a car crash can be a traumatic experience, and the financial burden can be overwhelming. 

Choosing a top car accident lawyer though is not necessarily as simple as you might imagine.

With well over 50,000 personal injury lawyers and businesses in the United States alone, according to statistics, with many of them handling car accident cases, there is a sea of lawyers out there willing to take your case.  (Incidentally, California, Florida and Texas and the ‘top three’ in number).

Choosing any personal injury attorney is not enough when you have a claim.  There are obviously a very wide variety of lawyers who will handle a personal injury lawsuit and we wrote about the key elements on choosing a car accident lawyer a year ago.

But the need to carefully research your prospective lawyer is important and there are some key factors you need to look at. You want a specialized auto accident attorney who can ensure your legal rights are protected and who will act in your best interests with appropriate experience.

A car accident lawyer is a personal injury lawyer who specializes in helping clients who have been involved in car accidents. 

They can help you file a claim to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and property damage. If the accident resulted in the death of a loved one, a car accident lawyer can also help you file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Even if nobody was injured in the accident, a non-injury car accident lawyer can help you file a property damage lawsuit and receive compensation for emotional distress. On the other hand, if someone files a car accident lawsuit against you, a defense attorney can assist in negotiating a settlement and defending you against claims that may not be your fault.

Hiring an experienced car accident lawyer can protect you from scams and extortion and alleviate the stress of dealing with insurance companies on your own. With their help, you can focus on healing and moving forward with your life. 

A key resource to locating the lawyers who can help you claim can be found in the Consumer Advocates site, but you still need to have the right questions to ask your lawyer and to do some background research in order to ensure you’re getting the best legal representation you can.

Apart from the directories (referred to below) there are also guides like the Legal Newswire top rated car accident law firms, which help provide the list of firms willing to take your car accident case.

6 Key Criteria for Selecting the Best Car Accident Law Firms That Win Big


Top car accident law firms can make all the difference in winning a case and receiving the compensation you deserve. 

When selecting a law firm, it’s important to consider their experience, success rate, and resources. Look for firms that specialize in car accidents and have a track record of winning big settlements for their clients. 

Additionally, consider the size of the firm and their ability to handle your case with personalized attention. 

A proven track record of success is crucial in selecting a law firm that can handle your case with confidence and expertise. Don’t be afraid to ask for references or case studies to ensure that you are making an informed decision when choosing a top car accident law firm.

If you are in a car accident, you will need a personal injury lawyer to help you with your case. However, it’s important not to just choose the first car accident lawyer you find online. 

You want someone who has experience dealing with auto insurance companies and car accident cases.  They may provide you with a free case evalutation or free consultation, but do your research first.

1. Experience Counts – Find a Law Firm with Auto Accident Experience

From Wreckage to Justice: Discover the Best Auto Accident Law Firm for Your Case

Many lawyers advertise their experience with auto accident injuries and claims, but knowing what to look for can help you find the best attorney for your specific needs.

Some attorneys handle a wide range of legal cases, including divorces, real estate transactions, wrongful death suits, and personal injury claims. 

While these lawyers may be proficient in all areas of law, it’s best to find a lawyer or law firm with years of experience specializing in personal injury cases, specifically auto injury cases. Ideally, you want an attorney who has taken at least one case to court and is willing to go to trial if necessary. 

While past success does not guarantee future results, it’s a good indicator of a lawyer’s ability to handle car accident cases effectively. Look for a lawyer with a track record of successful settlements or verdicts in cases similar to yours.

This ensures that your attorney is focused on getting the best possible outcome for you, rather than just settling for the first offer.

Keep in mind that auto insurers are experts at settling claims brought against them by accident victims. They typically want to settle a car accident claim for as little money as possible and as quickly as possible. 

An experienced attorney will ensure that you don’t have to settle for whatever the insurance company is offering. They’ll be familiar with the insurance company’s tactics and know how to negotiate on your behalf.

2. Check Their Track Record

From Wreckage to Justice: Discover the Best Auto Accident Law Firm for Your Case

Choosing the right attorney requires research and the willingness to ask questions. Start by visiting your State Bar Association’s website to find attorneys in your area who specialize in personal injury law. 

Make a list of potential lawyers and law firms that interest you, and then visit their websites for more information. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, contact each candidate to schedule a consultation, either over the phone or in person. Most attorneys offer free consultations, during which you can ask about their experience handling cases similar to yours.

You can also ask about the number of auto accident victims they have represented and the percentage of cases resulting in compensation for clients.

3. Check their Reputation

Another factor to consider is the lawyer’s reputation. You can look for reviews on independent review sites and see if the law firm is well-respected by peers and has an abundance of satisfied clients leaving positive reviews. 

Look for reviews of the lawyer or law firm on reputable sites like Google, Avvo, or Martindale-Hubbell. This can give you an idea of what past clients think about the lawyer’s services.

Additionally, you may want to consider if the law firm is involved in the community through charitable work or other activities.

4. Ask for Referrals

From Wreckage to Justice: Discover the Best Auto Accident Law Firm for Your Case

If you know someone who has been in a car accident and had a good experience with a lawyer, ask them for a referral. Personal recommendations from people you trust can be very helpful.

It is also the easiest thing to do and one of the most overlooked when it comes to choosing a specialist lawyer in your area. But don’t take the referral alone as the sole guide to who you should choose. Continue your checks and research and factor the referral is as one, key consideration.

5. Communication Skills

From Wreckage to Justice: Discover the Best Auto Accident Law Firm for Your Case

Good communication skills are also essential, as you need to trust and be able to communicate with your lawyer effectively. 

The best car accident law firms prioritize open and transparent communication with their clients, keeping them informed every step of the way. This helps to build trust and ensures that clients feel supported throughout the legal process.

6. Trial Experience

court costs

Look for a lawyer with trial experience: While most car accident cases are settled out of court, it’s important to find a lawyer who has experience taking cases to trial. This can give you an advantage if your case does end up in court.

The top car accident law firms have won big settlements for their clients and have a reputation for being tough negotiators. This combination of experience, communication, and success is what sets these firms apart from the rest.

The Insurance Issue

The personal injury protection (PIP) component of auto insurance is a relief for many who need coverage for medical expenses resulting from auto accidents. But there are legal ‘wrinkles’ here that a good car accident lawyer can help with.

It is important to note that your insurance policy or the other driver’s insurance policy may not cover all your medical bills.

PIP typically covers hospital or doctor visits, medications, medical devices like crutches or wheelchairs, physical therapy, chiropractic care, surgeries, mental health counseling, and other related medical costs. However, expenses like home modifications (e.g., wheelchair ramps) or specialized equipment (e.g., special beds) may not be covered.

Moreover, your lawyer will evaluate your potential future medical expenses resulting from the accident, such as ongoing physical therapy or additional surgeries.

When you’re looking for compensation to cover current and future medical expenses you need to talk to your lawyer who has experience handling those matters so that you know you’re interests in all respects are being looked after.

Ask About Fees

From Wreckage to Justice: Discover the Best Auto Accident Law Firm for Your Case

Each lawyer has their own payment structure, so it’s essential to have a conversation with them about how they charge for their services. Find out if they charge by the hour, require a retainer, or work on a contingency fee basis.  

Ask too if they can provide a free case evaluation.  there are a range of issues that will require assistance, including issues involving the statute of limitation, damages (including non-economic damages), various legal options, medical treatment costs, dealing with insurance adjusters and so forth.

The fees, therefore, become central to your ‘recovery’ as you do not want to lurch from a serious car accident to a problem with your legal team over fees and other costs.

In addition to their fees, lawyers may also charge for additional costs such as filing fees, transcription fees, jury fees, printing fees, and even parking fees. It’s important to get a detailed breakdown of these costs, as they can add up quickly and it is certainly a good idea to ensure that you have all the bases covered fees-wise.  Operate on a no-surprises basis.

While lawyers typically have standard payment methods such as flat or monthly fees, these may not apply to car accident attorneys.

It’s also important to discuss the lawsuit process with your lawyer. A good car accident attorney should have a strategy in place and be able to provide you with a basic idea of what to expect after you file your lawsuit and your complaint is served.

They can discuss how each party might respond, the likelihood of the case going to trial, and what to prepare for moving forward.

Finally, while no lawyer can guarantee an exact amount of compensation, an experienced car accident attorney should be able to provide an estimate based on the compensation they have won for similar cases.

It’s important to have a discussion about anticipated compensation to ensure that you have realistic expectations about the potential outcome of your case.

10 Top Car Accident Law Firms That Have a Proven Track Record of Winning Big

Morgan & Morgan car accident law firm

Image: Morgan & Morgan, personal injury lawyers

When it comes to selecting the best car accident law firm, there is nothing more important than their track record of success.

Here are three law firms that have consistently delivered excellent results for their clients:

  1. Bostic Law GroupSouth Carolina.  Operating for two decades.
  2. Hensley Legal Group – Indianapolis, operating since 1998.
  3. Herbert Trial Law – An experienced, Houston-based personal injury law firm with extensive auto accident experience.
  4. Munley Law – Philadelphia.  Six decades of operation.
  5. Morgan & Morgan: With over 30 years of experience and $30 billion in settlements they bill themselves as America’s largest personal injury law firm.
  6. MacGillis Wiemer – Wisconsin-based with over 50 years’ trial experience.
  7. Reeves Law Group, LA – Operating since 1984.
  8. TorHoerman Law – Chicago and with over $4 billion in verdicts and settlements.
  9. Wilshire Law Firm: Based in Los Angeles, Wilshire Law Firm has a dedicated team of lawyers with an impressive history of securing high-value settlements for clients involved in serious car accidents.
  10. Stewart J Guss Injury Accident Lawyers: This is another Houston-based firm specializes in representing victims injured in auto accidents and has secured several multi-million dollar settlements* on behalf of its clients.

Each of these law firms have skilled attorneys who understand the complexities associated with car accident cases and are well-versed with state laws related to personal injury claims.

Please accept that this advice is not tendered or intended to be legal advice and you need to make your own inquiries before hiring any law firm in matters related to auto accidents or any personal injury claims. There are many very experienced auto injury law firms in practice, but make sure you ask the correct questions to obtain the best for your case.

Case Studies: Examining the Success Stories of Clients Represented by These Law Firms

Car Accident Law Firms That Win Big have a proven track record of success, which can be seen through their case studies.

For instance, one of the top law firms successfully settled a case for $2 million on behalf of a client who suffered severe injuries in an auto accident caused by another driver’s negligence. In another case, they helped a victim recover over $3 million after being hit by a commercial truck.

Another leading car accident law firm secured a $10.8 million verdict for their client that was involved in an intersection collision and sustained serious injuries as well as financial losses due to medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.

Remember that when choosing a law firm or identifying the best auto injury law firm you need to research the firms with an open mind and a good idea of who you are looking for and what their expertise and experience is, in line with the pointers outlined above.

Answers To Common Questions

Who are the top car accident law firms?

The top car accident law firms include Morgan & Morgan, Cellino & Barnes, and Wilshire Law Firm.

What sets these law firms apart?

These law firms have a proven track record of success and specialize in car accident cases.

How can I choose the right law firm for me?

Research each law firm’s experience, reputation, and success rate to find the best fit for your case.

Who will be handling my case at these law firms?

Experienced and skilled attorneys with a background in car accident cases will handle your case.

What if I can’t afford a top car accident law firm?

Many law firms offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you only pay if you win your case.

How long will my case take to resolve?

The length of your case depends on various factors, but a top law firm will work efficiently to resolve your case as quickly as possible.


Tom Boman writes on legal and law career affairs and has been published in online sites for the past five years. His last article for LawFuel was ‘Ted Lasso’s Top 7 Tips for Succeeding in a Career’. He may be reached at [email protected].

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