The Games of Thrones Mortal Combat Legal Fight

game of thrones legal suit

It’s an odd claim, to be sure, but then “Game of Thrones” is the sort of cult TV that prompts even lawyers to do some odd things.

In this case it is a New York lawyer, who is demanding that a trial by combat resulting in nothing less than death.

Luthmann is involved in a legal fight that arose from a dispute in 2013 and involving two investment firms, one of which is his client.  Unfortunately for Mr Luthmann it was on the losing side.

His client has also disappeared and failed to pay the half million dollar judgment against him.

“He’s in the wind, so they said, ‘Let’s whack on his lawyer’s malpractice insurance,’ ” Luthmann said. The opponents in the case filed a suit alleging that Luthmann helped his client hide assets to avoid the payout.

For Sunday News: 08/06/15:Lawyer:Staten Island,New York - Attorney Richard Luthmann poses  as a modern day knight ready to dual.  He's being sued over a case and based on the absurdity of the lawsuit, he is asking for a modern day sword fight.  Shown at a castle at Snug Harbor Cultural Center.   Photo by Helayne Seidman
Staten Island,New York – Attorney Richard Luthmann poses as a modern day knight ready to dual. 

“It’s a baseless claim,” the lawyer said, and it has dragged on for two years of motions and countermotions.

“This is not a lawsuit anymore; this is an absurdity,” he said. “So I will give them ­absurdity in kind,” he told the New York Post.

Luthmann is now demanding that one of the plaintffs, or their so-called “champion” face him in a battle to the death because he claims the practice is not outlawed in the US.

He has suggested the point to make his own point regarding the absurdity of the claim from the plaintiffs.


“They want to be absurd about what they’re trying to do, then I’ll give them back ridiculousness in kind,” said Luthmann, who needless to say is a Game of Thrones fan.

TIME reports that Luthmann’s bold challenge is in keeping with his history of full-throated public declarations and proclivity for wearing flashy suits and bowties.

Even so, he may not have thought this one through. On Game of Thrones, trial by combat is typically only requested when the accused has little chance of escaping with his life any other way. This is decidedly not the case for Luthmann, who is accused of helping a client commit fraud, unless he values the $500,000 his client stands to lose more than his own life.

Luthmann has not divulged whether he would serve as his own champion or select a surrogate, though both parties would be wise to seek the services of Hafþór Julius Bjornsson, who plays The Mountain on Thrones and recently retained his title as Europe’s Strongest Man.

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