The Herald’s Shamelessly Appropriated ‘Power List’ . . And The Missing Power Lawyers

The Herald's Shamelessly Appropriated 'Power List' . . And The Missing Power Lawyers

The Herald’s shameless attempts to appropriate a law power list with their hastily assembled, Auckland-focused list of ‘Power Lawyers’ makes some serious omissions.  But at least they might have come up with their own list name – we would suggest something like “Slow Newsday Law List”, or perhaps “Sky Tower Law Power”.

As noted in their recent list of leading criminal barristers, the newspaper omitted some key power players, but their list of allegedly leading corporate lawyers makes perhaps even more significant omissions.  Where, to note a noticeable omission, are the Russell McVeagh lawyers?

The ‘corporate and civil’ lawyer list includes lawyers involved in civil litigation, or litigation funding (such as LawFuel Power List leader Phil Newland), but it excludes major civil law players such as Alan Galbraith QC and Jim Farmer QC, who remain as powerful civil litigators and commercial lawyers, inhabiting the top echelon of the bar.

Whilst Minters, Bell Gully and Chapman Tripp get honorary mentions, the omission of top legal operators at Russell McVeagh, such as Mei Fern or Ben Paterson, while Buddle Findlay, Anderson Lloyd, Dentons Kensington Swan, DLA Piper and Simpson Grierson are also without mention.

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