They’re Playing Our Song Again . .

They're Playing Our Song Again . . 2

UK law blog ‘Legal Cheek’ re-released” their article on the Eminem case involving the non-foot-tapping lawyers in the Wellington High Court during the litigation brought by rapper Eminem’s copyright holders and the National Party.

LawFuel reported the event here, but LegalCheek decided they loved it all so much they would put it back out again and – once again – the stony-faced men and women of the law who listened to “Lose Yourself” were played all over again – as yes, they remain the same.

Not a foot-tap or nod to the rapper’s rhythms in a case the National Party would rather forget.  The appeal is pending.

With more than 180 comments on YouTube, including “Asteroid Earth’s” contribution –

The judge is steady

Defense looks kind of sweaty

There’s a caterer for lunch,

and it’s ready

Mum’s spaghetti

Plus nearly 230,000 views.  That’s music to most lawyers’ ears.  Only not these ones.

They're Playing Our Song Again . . 3

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