Tiger Woods’ Lawsuit Loss

Tiger Woods' Lawsuit Loss

Tiger Woods is an unhappy man, after losing a lawsuit before an all-women jury.

Was it sexist?  Was it him?  What was it exactly that saw the golfing legend lose a lawsuit involving his alleged breach of a licensing agreement made right back in 2001?

Woods’ company, ETW Corp filed its lawsuit against Gotta Have It Golf, Inc., a Miami memorabilia concern who awarded GHIG $668,000, although interest could push that sum through the million dollar barrier very easily.

GHIG owner Bruce Mathews claimed in the suit “that Woods breached the licensing agreement by not providing a specified number of autographs and photographs.”
Woods, under subpoena, had testified in the case for more than 45 minutes in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court on Monday.

“This has been a long time coming,” one of Mathews’ attorneys, Eric Isicoff, told the Miami Herald. “The behavior of ETW Corporation has been reprehensible and we are very pleased with the jury’s verdict.”

Tiger Woods and other golf pros have fought Gotta Have It Golf in court before. Jack Nicklaus and Golden Bear Golf, Inc.; Arnold Palmer and his AP Enterprises; and ETW collective sued Matthews’ company previously.

Such is the way of the Big Golf business.


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