UK Big Law Firm To Pay Less For Its Remote Workers

UK Big Law Firm To Pay Less For Its Remote Workers 2

UK Big Law firm Stephenson Harwood has rejected the notion that remote working should permit its lawyers to earn the same as those slaving back at the office.

The law firm has said that it will introduce a 20 per cent pay cut for lawyers working from home.

The firm, which has its origins going back to the early 19th century, made the announcement to staff which was not one that rejected the remote work practice, but rather placed it into a new legal pay scale.

The pandemic has resulted in major upheavals for law firms, including those in The City and despite various attempts to allure lawyers and legal workers back to the office, the challenge remains for many.

Now, it seems, Stephen Harwood are hitting the lawyers where it hurts most – in their pockets.

The magic circle and other UK Big Law firms have worked on free dinners, cinema evenings, various fitness and fun incentives, pet dogs and just about anything else their human resource departments can think of to get their staff back.

The Stephenson Harwood deal does not apply to partners. The firm, one of the top 50 in Britain and with 1100 employees across several international offices said that the remote working pay cut deal would apply to most offices.

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