Waffle House Lawyers in Sex Extortion (And Other Matters)

Waffle House Lawyers in Sex Extortion (And Other Matters)

There are plenty of problems that can arise during litigation, but whether lawyers handling a client to make an illegal sex video gave rise to an action against them would, some argued, lead to a permit for lawyers to “lie, cheat, steal, rape and kidnap”. Really? All that? It’s like ISIS at the bar.

The claims come in a Waffle House lawsuit involving a Cobb County Superior Judge, Robert Leonard III who heard the claim as to whether the lawyers could be sued for what they did during litigation.

The lawyers (pictured) are John Butters, David Cohen and Hylton Dupree Jr.

The Daily Report said Leonard said he will need more time to make his decision on a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Waffle House Chairman Joseph Rogers Jr. against the attorneys representing his former housekeeper, Mye Brindle.

“I’ve got a lot to consider,” said Leonard. “It deserves more attention than I can give it right here now on the bench.”

Rogers is asking for damages and legal fees for his emotional distress over what he calls the lawyers’ attempt to extort money from him by threatening to disclose Brindle’s workplace sexual harassment claims. At the center of the Cobb suit—plus a related suit in Fulton County, plus counterclaims and appeals—is a video recording Brindle made. It shows her giving Rogers the sexual service she claims he required of her as a condition of her employment.

Rogers claims Brindle’s lawyers helped her to make the recording, illegally and without his knowledge, by sending her to a private investigator who equipped her with a spy camera disguised as a cellphone.

The lawyers being sued—and asking the judge for dismissal of the lawsuit—are: former Cobb County assistant district attorney John Butters, David Cohen of Complex Law Group and Hylton Dupree Jr. of Dupree & Kimbrough, all in Marietta. Rogers is also suing their law firms; Dupree’s partner, M. Scott Kimbrough, attended the hearing.

On Wednesday, John Floyd of Bondurant, Mixson & Elmore represented Butters and Cohen. Former Cobb Superior Court Judge Thomas Cauthorn III of Cauthorn Nohr & Owen represented Dupree and Dupree & Kimbrough.

On the other side was Rogers’ lawyer, William Hill Jr. of Polsinelli, who is also a former superior court judge.

Read more: http://www.dailyreportonline.com/id=1202666885758/Sex-Lawyers-and-Videotape-Cobb-Judge-Hears-Hours-of-Debate#ixzz3AiFcKszt

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