New Law Moves: What’s Next For Lawyers on Demand

New Law Moves: What's Next For Lawyers on Demand 2
New Law Moves: What's Next For Lawyers on Demand 3

As New Law continues to make inroads into traditional legal work and the way legal services are delivers, Lawyers on Demand (LOD) has expanded its footprint in Australia and New Zealand.

LOD acquired Lexvoco six months ago with lawyers joining the LOD Australian offices, as well as adding offices in both Australia (Adelaide, Geelong) and in New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch).

So where is the firm going with it’s growth and how does it see developments in the services it provides?

LawyersWeekly reported that LOD managing director Paul Cowling saw major growth following the Lexvoco acquisition, which had seen LOD identify the power that some of the things Lexvoco had been doing with legal operations and legal technology.

There were also clear synergies and overlap in terms of the client servicing and the nature of the services both operations provided to clients.

“Globally, we are targeting growth in our core geographies. We are particularly focused on opportunities to further what we are already doing ourselves which is to provide a seamless, end-to-end service offering to our clients, no matter what their legal needs may be.

“During the course of discussions between the two businesses, the instinct of both LOD and lexvoco about our respective businesses and people being well placed to work together proved to be correct.”

The client bases of each firm also created a valuable opportunity for LOD, according to Cowling, who said the firm intended further global expansion of its services based on the complimentary nature of the LOD and Lexvoco offering providing a ‘well rounded’ provider of alternative legal services.

Client Base Similarity

“The other interesting thing was around how complimentary our respective client bases were. Both businesses worked with leading organisations across a wide range of industries and geographies and it was clear that our clients would benefit from combining the two businesses, both in terms of scale and product offering,” he explained.

“One of the key attractions [of the lexvoco acquisition] was to fast-track how we wanted to evolve the LOD business from the core secondment business, which remains the engine room of the business, to be able to offer our clients a full end-to-end service offering to partner on all their legal requirements, whether they are people related, legal tech and ops related or legal advisory related,” he said.

“Globally, we’re continuing to expand across all of our key geographies. We’re continuing to look to identify proactive opportunity but I think, in Australia, it’s about focusing on our three core service lines – secondments, innovation and design and our legal advisory offering, LOD legal – and ensuring that we offer as seamless service to our client base as we possibly can.”

The LodLaw expansion is set to continue.

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