So Just Who IS Good Time Prince Andrew’s Lawyer . . ?

So Just Who IS Good Time Prince Andrew's Lawyer . . ? 1

We all know who’s representing the Epstein victims who claim Prince Andrew has some questions to answer about – super-lawyer David Boies and the lawyer who sent the painted bus asking Andrew to call the FBI, super #Metoo lawyer Gloria Allred. But the question is, ‘who is the Prince’s legal firm?’

Buckingham Palace has repeatedly refused to say who represents Prince Andrew in the face of requests from victims’ lawyers.

So Just Who IS Good Time Prince Andrew's Lawyer . . ? 2

‘We don’t really know who his lawyers are,’ David Boies (pictured left) said.’We know he has lawyers and we know he has PR people but exactly who they are and who is doing it officially and who is doing it unofficially, we don’t know. They are not, as far as I know, saying.’

Previously, as LawFuel has reported, Schillings represented Prince Andrew but he has reportedly instructed a law firm with ‘US experience’ apparently. All of which has frustrated Boies.

‘This attempt to shroud everything in secrecy and hope somehow it will go away is I think misguided and ultimately counterproductive. This is not going to go away. This is not something that if you simply ignore it, people will lose interest in it.’

Epstein victim Virginia Roberts, now under her married name Giuffre, says she was trafficked to London for sex with Prince Andrew as well as having liasons via the Epstein connection (and properties) in New York and the US Virgin Islands.

Prince Andrew denies the claims.

US Prosecutors on the Epstein case

Meanwhile, US Attorney Geoffrey Berman said they had received no reply from the Duke’s representatives after attempting to question him. They want to speak with him as part of the Epstein investigation into the deceased financier’s sex trafficking operations.

Ms Roberts, now known by her married name Giuffre, claims she was trafficked to London and coerced into having sex with the Prince on three occasions in London, New York and the US Virgin Islands. 

The Duke has categorically and repeatedly denied her claims, including in his disastrous television interview.

But in the increasingly bitter war of words, Mr Boies supported Mr Berman’s account, adding: ‘We have continued to be met with an absolute refusal to co-operate in our investigation. An absolute refusal to be interviewed.’

Scotland Yard Request

David Boies, one of the highest profile lawyers in America, has also requested that Scotland Yard reopen its investigation into Ms Roberts’ claims, following a criminal complaint she made againt Epstein and others in July 2015.

He said a Daily Mail story last week that a former Royal protection officer had raised questions about Andrew’s ‘alibi’ for the night he allegedly had sex with Ms Roberts in London in March 2001 was ‘significant’.

‘All the evidence that has come out is supportive of what Virginia has said.’

But a good first step, for the Epstein victims and their lawyers, would be for Prince Andrew’s representatives to indicate who his lawyer or lawyers are.

The Disaster Interview

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