Auckland Law School’s Woes In Leaked Survey

Auckland Law School's Woes In Leaked Survey

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An internal survey at the University of Auckland Law School has shown academic staff are lagging when it comes to their satisfaction at the School, according to a report leaked to the Business Desk website.

The School’s dean, Australian Pene Mathew last month announced her intention to return to her hometown of Canberra as President and Human Rights Commissioner for the Northern Territory, which is the first Australian state or territory to appoint such an officer.

The survey reported very low scores on a range of issues in a survey leaked to them. Responding to the statement, ‘I feel able to respectfully voice my views without fear of any negative impact’, only 15 percent of academic staff in the law school agreed.

“The summary of the University of Auckland survey itself notes ‘Academic staff responses are unfavourable and statistically unfavourable in regards to respectfully voicing their view.

“Inexplicably, the Tertiary Education Union, the outfit responsible for representing university staffs’ interests and voices, refused to comment on these results. A university spokeswoman claimed ‘the survey results for the Law School reflect broad trends across the university,” said Free Speech Union president Jonathan Ayling.

“These results are even lower than the results from this year’s Free Speech Union Academic Freedom Survey, where only 46% of staff across all eight universities agreed they felt free to question received wisdom and state controversial and unpopular opinions

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