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Former Bell Gully executive chair Roger Partridge has elevated his public profile since departing a lead role at the firm in 2014.

Co-founding the think tank the New Zealand Initiative he has been at the forefront of dealing with issues confronting the continued development of New Zealand economic and social institutions and effectiveness, heightened recently by his views on the need to deal more effectively with the pandemic.

Partridge has presided over a public policy think tank that has articulated many of the concerns that often fail to see the light of day with a roster of business, policy and economic viewpoints from its membership who have pronounced upon a range of issues that hold New Zealand back, including Partridge’s view on the way the government has handled – or mishandled – the Delta lockdown crisis.

Described as Senior Fellow and Chairman of the New Zealand Initiative, he led Bell Gully as executive chairman fromh2007 to 2014, after 16 years as a commercial litigation partner. He was also executive director of the Legal Research Foundation, a charitable foundation associated with the University of Auckland.

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