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The highlight of Tiana Epati’s year was the birth of her daughter (below), but the COVID-wracked year also saw her entrench and increase her leadership role within the profession, boosting her Power List rankings as one of the country’s most powerful and influential lawyers.

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As the first person of Polynesian descent to hold the Law Society role, and the only Law Society president to give birth while in the job, she has also displayed an ability to communicate both professional and personal issues confronting lawyers at a time of unique challenge and change for the profession.

Married to fellow lawyer and founder of Kahui Legal, Matanuku Mahuika she has also been able to articulate the stress and issues of juggling job and family life with speeches, social media posts and other outlets, further adding to her personal and professional clout.

Judging from LawFuel responses to our request for suggestions as to the Power List rankings, Ms Epati would be hovering around David Parker and Dame Patsy Reddy as a popular Law Society leader who resonates with a profession that is changing its gender balance and increasingly youthful and diverse ‘mix’.


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