Dr Dre’s Billionaire Bonus Bonanza for Lawyers

Dr Dre's Billionaire Bonus Bonanza for Lawyers

Getting bonus checks is always fun, we imagine, but what is a law firm doing having a billionaire music mogul handing out bonuses?

what’s that all about?

Dr Dre, aka Andre Young, personally distributed bonuses to 43 members of his law firm, King, Holmes Patgeron & Berliner, which included everyone from partners to paralegals.  King Holmes have represented the rapper for around 20 years, recently acting on his Beats by Dre business by Apple, a snip at a mere $3 billion.

But here’s the thing:  the bonuses were from Dr Dre’s pocket, not from the firm, which has still to make its distribution.  The smallest amount wasw $10k, for staff members who had nothing to do with his billion dollar deal, while bigger checks were cut for the bigger players.

So everyone’s happy this festive season at King Holmes.

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