Law Firm Technology and Revolutionising Client Interaction: The Vision of Jess Firth & EsseVault

Law Firm Technology and Revolutionising Client Interaction: The Vision of Jess Firth & EsseVault

Another Law Firm Technology Innovator From New Zealand

The rapidly developing world of legal tech developments has seen some major innovations and tech leaders emerge from New Zealand, such as ActionStep and LawVu, but another entrepreneur is also set on claiming a piece of the legal tech pie with development to help secure digital information, specifically for managing the interactions between law firms and their clients’ legal documents.

Jess Firth (pictured) is the founder of EsseVault, which made its entry onto the legal market in June as an online platform to secure digital legacies, including not only wills but also messages, financial records and key documents.

Moreover, the platform extends its services to law firms, empowering them to effectively manage and safeguard essential client documents.

“I’m passionate about the tech solution we’ve created to help people ensure their loved ones, friends, and colleagues gain access to vital information/content when they pass away,”  Firth said.

As the creator and architect of EsseVault his involvement in the project has been total, going beyond the boardroom to conceptualisation and design to platform development and launch. 

With a dedicated team of fewer than 10 individuals, spanning sales, client relations, and software engineering, his hands-on approach has been pivotal in EsseVault’s swift ascent to success.

Supported by a co-financing business partner and co-founder who collaboratively shapes the venture’s decisions, they have positioned EsseVault as a tool already in use by private individuals and professional service providers, such as law firms.

Global Ambitions

While initially focused on the New Zealand and Australian markets, Firth’s aspirations for EsseVault extend far beyond geographical borders. He envisions the platform as a global solution that will benefit people and businesses across the world.

“Our ambition is to grow into a truly global business that continues to operate out of New Zealand, creating job opportunities in our growing tech sector.” 

Tim Couch, Director of Sales & Client Relations sees major global success for the platform, saying EsseVault is a revolutionary technology platform that offers a critical tool for managing digital legacies, alongside a client interaction management system for professional service providers. 

With EsseVault, Firth has crafted a platform that empowers individuals to take control of their digital legacies, offering security, control, and peace of mind. 

The Journey from Concept to Reality

The development of EsseVault began in September 2022, and the product entered the market in June 2023. Since then, momentum has been steadily building, with several Auckland legal practices adopting EsseVault to interact with their clients and manage legal documents. 

Since the inception of EsseVault, Firth has worked closely with his personal lawyer to develop and refine the features and functionality. “I’ve been lucky to have a very experienced and gifted lawyer involved as a consultant to help us shape EsseVault’s Client Hub. Alan Paterson spent most of his career as a partner for Russell Mcvaegh and then finally Anderson Lloyd, he now operates his own independent firm Paterson Legal. Alan has shown great support and enthusiasm in EsseVault and now uses it as part of his firm’s systems”. Says Firth. 

Discussions with other, major law firms continue

The initial concept of consumer digital legacy management was separated from the corporate/business offering, which evolved into the Client Hub. A specialised platform that enhances client interactions, especially in the maintenance of crucial legal documents, such as for wills and estate.

The concept is one that streamlines, simplifies and automates client interactions, securely storing data in one interactive system that permits multiple clients to be dealt with through one dashboard.

EsseVault’s immediate goal is to become the most widely adopted client interaction platform for law firms in New Zealand and Australia. Subsequently, they aim to expand into the UK and explore broader international markets, including North America.

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