Bruce Gray QC

Bruce Gray QC 2

Bruce Gray continues to handle heavy-weight criminal and civil briefs with his recent representation on behalf of the Anglican Church in respect of the Abuse in Care Inquiry, the unnamed, jailed high profile businessman convicted of sexual assault claims and his recent representation of the National Party in Winston Peter’s lengthy breach of privacy claim over his superannuation situation.


He has always had the ability to handle often complex and high profile issues with his trademark stoic, stern and effective presentation that has run the gamut from high profile criminal to securities and commercial litigation, including insurance claims surrounding the Christchurch earthquakes, as well as insolvency and a recent rademark dispute between Coca Cola and Pepsi.

His work in securities and commercial litigation, as well as in insurance cases surrounding the Christchurch earthquakes and media and defamation work are testament to his reputation and extensive abilities.

He has also represented former Defence Minister Dr Wayne Mapp in the now infamous NZSAS raid in Afghanistan, known as Operation Burnham.

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