The Brett Kavanaugh Show . . Has He Been Here Before?

The Brett Kavanaugh Show . . Has He Been Here Before? 2
The Brett Kavanaugh Show . . Has He Been Here Before? 3

As the US is glued to television screens in respect of the sort of event hat might ordinarily pass as nothing more than a sub-head on the pages of most metropolitan papers, the dramatic scenes from Washington’s Senate  hearings hold the nation spellbound.

Brett Kavanaugh told the Senate that he was the victim of an “orchestrated political hit” and has vociferously denied allegations of sexual misconduct in his past.

It followed testimony from Doctor Christine Blasey Ford who said she was “100%” sure he had sexually assaulted her 36 years ago.

Now the FBI have their one-week to investigate the recent allegations, but for Brett Kavanaugh, the headline-chewing performances are hardly something new for the embattled almost-Supreme Court Justice.

The Brett Kavanaugh Show . . Has He Been Here Before? 4

Remember the Kenneth Starr investigation into Bill Clinton’s professional and personal activities?  He was assisting special counsel and the Starr Report became encircled in controversy over controversial allegations involving Bill Clinton.  

He played a key role in the Starr Report’s which urged the impeachment of President Clinton.

He then joined George W Bush’s White House as counsel and staff secretary.

And since 2006 he has served on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia before receiving his nomination by President Trump to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy.

However his Court of Appeals nomination was highly contentious also, as a result of his conservative and perceived partisan policies.   His confirmation hearings were stalled as a result of the issues until his eventual confirmation in 2006 and following negotiations between Democratic and Republican Senators, a situation that has been exacerbated with the current nomination crisis.

His performances – as below – have struck more than a chord with supporters and opponents alike.  And the Matt Damon take-off on SNL has similarly sought to potentially demonize a Supreme Court candidate whose chances of reaching the top court in the land may now be in even more serious jeopardy.

The Current Kavanaugh Drama

Watch the Kavanaugh performance:

And the Damon performance:

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