The Fury of Harvey Weinstein’s Lawyer Donna Rotunno

The Fury of Harvey Weinstein's Lawyer Donna Rotunno 2
The Fury of Harvey Weinstein's Lawyer Donna Rotunno 3

Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer Donna Rotunno had some angry words for the Judge who sentenced Weinstein to 23 years’ jail.

Weinstein was previously found guilty of a criminal sex act and third-degree rape as part of his criminal trial in New York City. He had faced up to 29 years in prison in the case.

“That sentence that was just handed down by this court was obscene,” Rotunno told reporters after the sentencing

“That number was obnoxious.”

The feisty famous lawyer was able to provide some key views on what the Judge did – comments some media, like Glamour Magazine, said were “shocking” and could turn back the clock on the #Metoo campaign.

And, of course, it offers an attractive catfight narrative that conveniently distracts from the real issues. Nevertheless, what really matters here isn’t Rotunno’s gender, but her extraordinarily damaging arguments, which threaten to turn back the clock on our public attitudes towards sexual violence.

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