Scoring the Right Job For You and The WORST Thing You Could Say In a Job Interview

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Scoring the Right Job For You and The WORST Thing You Could Say In a Job Interview 3Job interviews can be tough experiences, nerve wracking and challening all at the same time. But what are some of the worst things you can say that are sure to torpedo your chances of scoring the job you want?

A variety of factors are at play in any job interview. There will be preferences displayed (or not displayed) by the interviewer, as well as moods and biases. They are some of the unacknowledged facts about job interviews.

But scoring interviews that don’t succeed for you doesn’t mean you’re being unsuccessful. The jobs and the employers may be no good anyway. They may not suit you. And the fact that you are reaching interview stage shows you’re succeeding, but maybe you need to be more discriminatory about which interviews you go for.

Writing in Forbes, recruiter & author Liz Ryan, founder of Human Workplace, notes how to view the interview:

Think about interviews this way: you go to a job interview to check out a new opportunity, the same way you would go to somebody’s house to check out a car they’ve advertised for sale. You don’t go to that person’s house thinking, “Please, God, let me get this car!” If it’s not the right car for you, you’re not going to buy it. You have to be ready to walk away from the wrong vehicle — or the wrong job.

You need and deserve a car that runs well and doesn’t have any problems.

She warns not to view a job interview as an ‘escape hatch’ and to take care not to come across as desperate for the job for the sake of it. Desperation can show itself on your face and if an interviewer is permitting personal feelings enter his or her decision-making then they’re simply not professional and there’s every chance the job is not for you.

The worst thing you can say in a job interview is, “Please hire me — I need this job!” she says.

Just like buying a car, you need to know it runs well as will not cause problems.  You don’t know whether it’s going to be any good for you and if it’s not you need to walk away.  Simple.

Perhaps you can’t imagine yourself saying these words to an interviewer, but people do it all the time. We can all sympathize with them. It’s terrible to be stuck in a job you hate. It’s horrible to be unemployed and wondering how you’re going to pay the rent.

She recommends getting physically tired before an interview.

Scoring the Right Job For You and The WORST Thing You Could Say In a Job Interview 4

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