Legal Directory Shakeup – Chambers Directory’s Big Deal: A Sale for £400 million

legal directory chambers partners sold

Leading legal directory and legal rankings directory and ‘intelligence insights’ company Chambers & Partners has been sold to a US investment group for more than £400 million.

The company, the leading legal directory and intelligence service, was sold to US investment group Abry Partners who already have Best Lawyers in their portfolio of services providing detailed information about those operating in the legal marketplace.

The deal also marks the equity company’s focus on the financial and legal industries business and has shown Chambers’ success in its expansion into new markets including China, Brazil and the United States.

Chambers’ employs over 200 editors in their home base in London who conduct research and interviews globally, ranking over 80,000 lawyers in 185 jurisdictions.

The company’s international growth has enhanced the value of its work analyzing the international legal landscape at a time when both big law firms, boutiques and others along with corporate clients are seeking further information about the nature of those providing specialist legal services and about law firm rankings.

The Chambers business provide strong revenue and is a trusted name that is used by financial services companies, asset managers and others who rely on the rankings for major deals.

The Indelible Mark of Legal Directories on the Legal Ecosystem

The evolution of legal directories such as Chambers and Partners underscores their critical role in the legal ecosystem.

They are regularly relied upon by law firms to establish and grow their market position and inclusion in the directories is an important way to enhance authority and expertise across different aspects of the legal market.

As they continue to develop, these directories also shape the way legal services are marketed and consumed globally.

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